6 Things From The 80s That Are Making A Comeback!


THEY say some things never go out of fashion, they just take a break for a while, and that’s certainly true for many of the things we loved from the incredible decade that was the 80s! Fashions, trends and dreads from the 80s are back with a bang… keep an eye out for these 6 in particular!

1) Stephen King

King was the go-to name in terror in the 80s, churning out hit after hit after hit. That all wound down after a car accident in the 90s, but the horror master is currently experiencing a huge resurgence following the blockbuster success of the new adaptation of his novel IT. He’s everywhere! It’s like the 80s all over again!

2) The fear of nuclear war

Nothing says the 80s like the threat of nuclear obliteration! Back then, it was the USA vs Russia doing all the shoulder-barging and shit-talking, and today, it’s the USA and North Korea, but other than that it’s like the last 30 years of shaky peace never happened!

3) The Walkman

The Sony Walkman revolutionised music in the 80s. Now, your favourite hits were more portable, sharable, and just damn cooler than ever before. Thanks to the appearance of the gadget in the hit Guardians Of The Galaxy movies, the humble Walkman has started to reappear on the belts of a large number of try-hards and hipsters. Did time fast-forward, or rewind? Who knows!

4) Man-made climate mayhem

In the 80s, it was the hole in the ozone layer melting the polar ice caps. Today, they call it ‘climate change’, and it too is melting the polar ice caps. But fear not! We managed to turn a corner last time, buying Mother Nature a good 30 years in the process. We’re sure we’ll do the same now, and get until at least 2045 out of the old girl.

5) Shit hitting the fan in Iran

Hey, it wouldn’t be the 80s without some good old-fashioned strife in the Middle East. Iraq is too 90s, Afghanistan is the 00s, but 2018 has come all the way back around to the 1980s for its conflict of choice; Iran. All the hits are there. Lads in robes shouting, panic on the streets, oil, blood, war… throw on Frankie Goes To Hollywood and you wouldn’t really know what year it was anymore.

6) The ‘RA

Word reaches us that 80s bad boys the IRA are set to launch a reunion tour, thanks to the border-related confusion caused by Brexit. Remember how it used to be, when there was a hard border between the north and south? No? Well, you’re about to find out, as well as learning all about the sectarian violence that inevitably follows. Ambushes! Bombs! Snipers! All the hits!