North Korea Introduces New Senior Advisor


NORTH Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has unveiled his new senior advisor, Steve Bannon, who he claims will help his country to achieve a new level of prosperity under the banner ‘Make North Korea Great Again, Not That It Was Ever Anything Less Than Great To Begin With’.

Smiling and wearing a red ‘MNKGANTIWEALTGTBW’ baseball cap, former White House senior aide Bannon smiled and waved alongside his new best friend Kim, at a press conference in front of North Korea’s one journalist.

Breitbart editor Bannon is currently involved in a bitter dispute with his former boss Donald Trump in which the US president claims Bannon ‘lost his mind’ after being fired, following allegations by Bannon that the Trump family were ‘dumb as bricks’, ‘treasonous’ and ‘idiotic’.

Eager to hook up with a similarly despotic world leader to continue his right-wing goals, Bannon reached out to Jong-Un in an email, and received a job almost immediately.

“Steve and Kim are getting along great, they share so many things in common” said a source close to Kim Jong-Un, minutes before being killed by firing squad.

“They both are really eager to start a war, they both hate America, and they both think Donald Trump is a dotard. Steve didn’t show any hesitance in coming to North Korea to work, which just goes to show how committed he is to being a sneaky bastard who pulls the strings behind the scenes. Bannon and Kim, forever!”

The news has sent the White House into a scramble to ensure that everyone knows that former close ally and ‘key to election victory’ Bannon is in actual fact someone that they barely knew and ‘was only ever in the White House like, twice’.