Dundalk Stabbings: What Some Lad In The Comment Section Knows So Far


THE AFTERMATH of the murder of a 24-year-old Japanese national along with the stabbing of two other men has seen gardaí launch an intensive investigation into the exact details and motive of the perpetrator, who is believed to be an 18-year-old Egyptian man arrested by gardaí on the scene yesterday.

However, the information void the gardaí are hoping to fill, through a process of painstaking detective work and time consuming information gathering, has all but been rendered pointless after one lad in the comment sections of an online news publication has confirmed he knows everything.

Posting under the name of RIGHTtotheHilt23, Waterford local Jeremy Nealan has unleashed a treasure trove of information that has filled all and any gaps the gardaí sought to plug through a redundant practice known as ‘police work’.

WWN has reproduced some of his vital first hand accounts of Dundalk, Egypt, international terrorism, socioeconomic and religious factors in murders no one has the full facts on, all despite having last left Waterford in 2012.

“Now are you happy. I TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN”

“How many times did I warn you all this would happen?!?!”

“I guess Dundalk is a no go area now. Don’t need to know the facts to know what’s going on, wake up.”

“Some people awful quiet about this. Sharia law here we come”

“Egyptian? Well, I think we know all we need to know now! Wonder is he best mates with yer man”

Nealan, bravely foregoing any need to use empathy or cognitive reasoning went on to further explain in repetitive and similar sentences that the incident was something he had told people would happen.

Gardaí have confirmed that any individual such as Nealan who can claim to have known this incident was going to happen and didn’t report it to the police could face charges.