US Made Bombs Now Contain Crop Seeds To Help Curb Famine In Yemen


IN A bid to curb a large-scale famine in Yemen, US defence contractor Lockheed Martin is expanding its munitions factories to meet the rising demand, and has vowed to insert over 200 crop seeds into every single bomb bought by their Saudi customers.

The seeds, ranging from wheat to poppy seeds, are expected to generate hundreds of tonnes of food and heroin over the next several months, with the aim of feeding the millions of starving people affected by the conflict and showing the rest of the world that the United States is trying to help the humanitarian crisis, despite fuelling it with military hardware.

“Bomb survivors will now have an opportunity to grow their own crops between airstrikes,” Frank St. John, Lockheed’s vice president of tactical missiles, told WWN.

“For every bomb dropped, an acre of land will be fertilised with wheat, barley, or even poppy fields for heroin cultivation,” he added, “its a win win situation for everybody involved in the Yemen war, including the US”.

However, the move has been met with some backlash from the American public, with some complaining about the $2mn cost of the seeds on the American taxpayer.

“To think that 2 million dollars out of our military budget of $824.6 billion will be used to feed non-Americans makes me sick to my stomach,” voiced one Republican, “that 2 million could have been used to help the 1.56 million homeless people living here”.

Meanwhile, victims of the Yemen famine have welcomed the move, with many affected people now congregating around known bomb targets to avail of the generosity of the US.

“At first I was really angry at the United States for supplying weapons to the Saudis, but now I’ve changed my mind,” said one Yemeni man we spoke to, who was later obliterated by a Lockheed Martin ballistic missile, along with his wife and 4 children.