Child In Restaurant Makes Half-Arsed Attempt To Colour In Kid’s Menu


STAFF at Brambles restaurant in Wexford town have today voiced their disappointment following a failed attempt at colouring by one of its younger customers, despite going out of their way to find crayons for “the spoilt little shit”.

CCTV footage confirmed that at 2:37pm a couple entered the café with their young daughter, who apparently went by the name of Saoirse, and were kindly positioned by staff at the window seat in a bid to give them the best dining experience possible during their busy lunch period.

“As waiting staff, you try and do everything in your power to keep everyone happy,” head waitress Tracey Phelan told WWN, “so I offered up some colouring utensils in the form of crayons and the black and white Minions themed children’s menu we have had for 10 years, before suggesting to the child that she could colour it in, and give mammy and daddy some peace”.

However, just three minutes later, the ungrateful child began losing interest in the task at hand and failed to keep the yellow colouring inside the lines, while also carelessly mixing up the Minions’ skin colour with its goggles – an amateur mistake.

“We were absolutely mortified for the parents,” Ms. Phelan added, “but you do have to ask the question ‘are they the ones to blame in the first place?’

“Why didn’t they encourage the spoilt little shit to keep on colouring? It’s not like she was busy doing something else… apart from picking her nose and wiping it under the table a few times”.

Since the incident, Brambles management has advised staff to now keep a CCTV record of all children who fail to make a decent effort on their Minions children menus, and have urged parents of lazy kids to not even bother entering the establishment if their precious little brats can’t be arsed to colour.