Local Woman Refusing To Read Anything In Conflict With Her Worldview


CAREFUL not to challenge her own knowledge blind spots when it comes to a variety of subjects and issues, one Waterford local has made a silent promise to herself that she will avoid all manner of opinions, literature and news that threatens her own carefully constructed and contradictory worldview.

Aoife Deering, with an address in the Lismore area of Waterford, has steadfastly refused to engage with materials she feels she can instantly infer an ‘agenda’ from, which propagates varying degrees of ignorance and shortsightedness about subjects she holds a fairly ignorant and shortsighted grasp of.

Articles which have been presented in her social feeds that describe the questionable business practices of some of her favourite brands and products are routinely discarded and countenanced with opinion pieces she is vehemently in agreement with.

“I’ll be honest, I don’t always read through the entire thing, but I either recognise the author’s name or can tell the publication is one I sort of know I’m cool with it, I’ll share it after a quick scan,” Deering explained to WWN.

Deering adopted her strict policy after an uncomfortable experience she had several months ago when quickly retweeting an article retweeted by someone she admired and stalked on social media left her reeling.

“I trusted someone, and tried to make it appear I was well versed in a subject I wasn’t. My trust was betrayed,” Deering said of article about ethical farming of salmon which was written by someone who shamefully had work published in the Daily Telegraph and could very well have voted for the Conservatives and had never read the Guardian.

Asked if she would consider reading anything outside her comfort zone in the near future that wasn’t in someway vetted, legitimised or endorsed by someone else with a similar worldview, Deering confirmed she would have to wait to read a think piece which provided her with the answer.