Clown Community Blasts Steve Bannon For Likening Them To White Nationalists


MEMBERS of the clown community in the United States have today slammed White House chief strategist Steve Bannon after he likened them to White Nationalists and losers in an interview with the American Prospect, a left wing political magazine on Wednesday.

During the bizarre interview, Bannon branded white nationalists as “clowns” over the fallout from violent protests in Charlottesville, despite clowns not being affiliated to any particular race or violent act.

“Can a neo nazi do this?” one clown named Bobo asked this reporter while juggling three chainsaws and a white rabbit while balancing on a unicycle outside The White House today, “no, they can’t, and we can’t be racist, so I don’t know why Mr. Bannon can put us in the same class of asshole as them. This is a sort of racism in itself and clowns are sick of our personna being used to describe ignorant, horrible people.

“We entertain kids with balloon animals for fucks sakes,” Bobo added, now slamming a creampie into a fellow clown’s face, resulting in several seconds of hilarity, “sure, some of the stuff we do to each other may seem violent, but we’re professionals, and it’s all for laughs, not racism”.

Mr Bannon, who once headed the far-right Breitbart News, then turned on 28% of the American population – the nation’s “losers” – by also likening them to “ethno-nationalism”.

“This country was built on losers, and I think putting them in the same category as neo Nazis was probably unfair of me,” Bannon later apologised, “but I stand by my clown comments; fuck clowns”.