Car Insurance With Street Value Of €5m Seized In Dawn Raid


THE criminal world of car insurance was dealt a blow this morning, after members of the Gardaí Car Insurance Squad raided a brokerage and seized insurance premiums with an estimated street value of 5 million euro.

Car insurance has become one of the most detested criminal elements in the country, with even hardened drug crimelords looking down at insurance companies as nothing more than detestable vultures.

Operating as a criminal cartel, insurance companies have bled the country dry for years, by making their customer base dependent on their products before jacking the price of premiums up year after year.

With the government either powerless to stop this crime wave or just happy to ignore it, insurance companies have been left unchecked for years, until earlier this week when the decision was made to step in and ‘kick some ass’, resulting in the daring dawn raid this morning.

“We kicked in the doors of a local brokerage and dragged the CEO out in his boxers,” said a spokesperson close to the task force.

“Inside, we found dozens of premiums that would have cost millions if they had hit the street. Look a this, we’ve got one for a 36-year-old man who drives 10,000km a year, one for a 19-year-old girl on a provisional licence, a 56-year-old woman with no previous claims or convictions… these are the kind of premiums that would have had devastating effects on the pockets of ordinary citizens, so we’re glad to have them off the streets”.

Fears are now growing over retaliatory attacks from the insurance gangs, with possible sneaky terms & conditions or excess hikes expected in the coming months.