WWN Is Hiring: 34 Copy & Pasters, 49 Tweet Embedders And 67 GIF Finders


WATERFORD Whispers News is about to take the next step in Irish online journalism, and to do so we’re going to need help in the form of a crack team of the country’s most talented content-sourcing, screen-grabbing interns… if that sounds like you, then read on!

Rather than progress with our current model of creating award-winning content of our own, we’re turning WWN into a site where users can find the funniest tweets, GIFs, and videos with banners such as ‘wait until you see what happens next’.

As such, we’re hiring 150 extra members of staff to help find, select, and rob the best content on the internet, which we will then label as ‘banter’ and present on our social media pages. Successful candidates should:

– have working eyes, so that they can see things on Twitter or Imgur or wherever.
– have functioning fingers, so they can screengrab Tweets and funny content, then post these to our site.
– be able to arrange the following words into a sentence: Again Huberman Amy Twitter Just Won
– be fluent in Emojis. Fluency in English is not required.

This new mine of content should enable WWN to rake in shitloads of ad revenue cash, which we will in turn feed directly back into ourselves and our team of content ferrets.

We’re also hiring a team of people to act all surprised and dismissive when the original creators of the content contact us about stealing their material and paying them nothing.