Nation Spends Sunday Evening Ripping The Piss Out Of Redwater


NEARLY half a million people tuned into RTÉ One Sunday evening to collectively rip the piss out of the new EastEnders spin-off Redwater, figures released today can reveal.

The show, which is produced by the BBC in association with RTÉ, has become the country’s latest favourite thing to lambast online, with children as young as 9 joining in the fray.

“I could write a better script on the bus to school,” one child told WWN, who was allowed stay up late to watch the soap last night, “I’m not exactly sure what it’s all about, but me, mam and dad love laughing at how shit it is. It’s great craic pointing out all the bad edits and silly story line. We actually look forward to sitting down and ripping it a new one every week”.

Ratings reported nearly half a million people tuned in to slate the show, with many viewers taking to social media channels to voice their disdain for the production.

“I’m glad they killed off that John Wayne dope with the hat on the horse,” one viewer tweeted, “like, who even rides around on a horse like that anymore; it’s not fucking Texas, lads, it’s Dunmore East for Christ sakes”.

Despite the large viewership, it is estimated that 98% of the people watching Redwater are only doing so to ridicule it online.

“It’s great to see everybody in the country finally coming together to rip the absolute piss out of something as terrible as this,” President Michael D. Higgins said earlier today, “I can’t wait to see what pile of shite they have in store for us next Sunday!”