Appalling: Iraqi Woman Shows Zero Compassion For 230 Dead Civilians Killed In US Airstrike


AN image of a woman calmly walking away from the aftermath of a US air strike on Mosul, which killed 230 innocent civilians, has gone viral.

According to eyewitnesses, some 230 bodies of mostly women and children were pulled from three adjoining houses in the Jadida neighbourhood of west Mosul, shortly before the horrific photograph of the woman was taken.

“What kind of sick person just turns their back on their own people like that,” US Secretary of Defense James Mattis was quick to point out, “its like she doesn’t even care that we dropped millions of dollars worth of bombs on her neighbourhood, for free.

“Like, where’s our thank you for giving you people democracy?” he added.

Experts in social media commentating echoed Mr. Mattis’ statement, also pointing out that the woman was wearing Muslim type clothing and was probably a Muslim of some sort, and doesn’t care about anyone.

“I feel sick to my stomach everytime I look at this picture,” twitter user AltWhite_78 posted, “I bet she distracted the american bombers, and that’s why they made a mistake and accidentally killed all those innocent people”.

“It’s people like that that make people like me hate people like them,” another sound-minded individual tweeted, before suggesting, “bomb the lot of them”.

Sources on the ground have been unable to identify the uncompassionate woman, but a US military spokesman has suggested that they will probably bomb her, or someone belonging to her, in the coming weeks as fighting intensifies in the region.