People Who Hate Mrs Browns Boys Reminded They Don’t Have To Watch New Chat Show


LEADING experts in Mrs. Brown’s Boys avoidance have issued a series of actions people can undertake in order to refrain from watching a new chat show fronted by the popular Brendan O’Carroll character.

With the knowledge that the Mrs Brown hosted chat show is starting on TV screens this weekend, a large portion of the public has expressed their worry that they will find themselves watching it.

“Our advice at this moment is for people to remain calm and simply watch another channel. If this advice is followed we’re almost certain you will avoid watching the show,” shared Television watching expert Liam McCaffrey.

Other advice issued by experts in avoiding watching TV they don’t want to watch also revealed it may be important to find out exactly what time the show is on.

“This may frighten people, but honestly, if you’re brave enough you can do this ,” added expert Deirdre Consarty, who alleges she’s never watched any transmission of Mrs Brown’s Boys.

“If the show is on at 9.30pm say, we recommend not watching the channel the show is on for the duration of its broadcast. We accept no responsibility if this method doesn’t work but it hasn’t set us wrong yet,” concluded Consarty.

Despite the best efforts of Mrs Brown’s Boys avoidance, it is thought thousands of people who don’t want to watch the show will share tales of unpleasurable an experience it was.