Little Dog Always Acting Like He’s Got Something To Prove


A LOCAL terrier has opened up in a tearful interview about his need to act in a brash and aggressive manner at all times to make up for his diminutive stature, leading to conflict with family, friends, and other dogs in the park.

Jackie, of the Kerrigan family from Tramore, Co. Waterford admits that his obnoxious behaviour when dealing with everyone he meets on his daily travels has led to strained relations and a reputation as ‘an asshole of a dog’, adding that he hopes to make amends following a 12-week ‘be yourself’ therapy course.

Like a lot of smaller breeds of dogs, Jackie appears to be cute and cuddly; an exterior that belies his inner turmoil and rage that has festered over years of being treated with less respect than his older, bigger dog friends.

In an exclusive sit-down with WWN, Jackie admitted feeling like he had ‘something to prove’, which manifested itself in some serious bad-dog style behaviour.

“I can’t be as big as other dogs, so I decided that I would just be more aggressive, bark all the time, always be angry,” said Jackie, wiping away his dog tears with a tiny little dog handkerchief.

“But I’m going to do my best to be more secure in myself from now on. No more yapping at people who walk past the driveway, startling the shite out of them. No more growling at kids who want to pet me. I can be a good boy. I will be a good boy”.

Luckily the ‘small dog’ trait of being a bit of an asshole is exclusive to canines only, with no such traits ever coming from humans.