Person In Comments Section Confirms ‘The Jews Did It’


ONE PERCEPTIVE and truly pleasant individual in the comments section of a popular Irish news publication has enlightened anyone who had the poor judgement to scroll past a news article, informing them of the fact that ‘the Jews did it’.

Connor Hengratty was quick to alert his fellow readers in the comments section that the above news piece, likely about something happening in the world, was the work a small but influential network of Jewish people who are the true rulers of the political elite.

“Hmm, evidence? How about you OPEN YOUR EYES” Hengratty typed on a keyboard from the comfort of his bed when several fellow commenters questioned Hengratty’s sources.

However, world weary and cynical to a fault, Hengratty once again grew impatient with a complicit public who had no idea that everything from Vietnam, 9/11, stubbing your toe and the final episode of The Sopranos were the result of a clandestine cabal of meddling and nefarious people who were exclusively Jewish.

Keen not to waste his own precious time with feeble minds, Hengratty only responded to 145 comments in the thread below the article before returning to writing several posts on about how 1916 was an inside job.

“I haven’t actually read any of the article, I’m just a man who knows what’s what and I won’t be silenced,” Hengratty explained when speaking to WWN earlier today, confirming that there was a possibility that an article about the recent revival of popular TV show The Gilmore Girls, was not a conspiratorial effort which bore all the hallmarks of an attempt by people of the Jewish faith to control the world.

“Or maybe, that’s what they want you to think,” Hengratty concluded, raising his eyebrows up and down in a very suspicious fashion.