AMAZING! This Man Stopped Reading About The Syrian War & It Just Went Away


DESPITE news reports suggesting that once again aid agencies are being blocked from providing besieged Syrian civilians with supplies, one Waterford man has reportedly brought an end to the conflict by simply ignoring it, WWN can exclusively reveal.

In a heartwarming display of what can only be described as an act of anti-war defiance, Waterford man James Trevor, recently took up not bothering to keep up to speed on the events in Syria, thus pushing it so far from the forefront of his mind that it no longer exists.

“The less I was reading about it, the more I switched the TV channel when the news came on, the more it faded away, which to be honest is great news for all those people over there,” Trevor explained, batting away any attempts to call him a hero.

“It was fierce sad though all the same, but thank God it’s out of my eye line now, I’m very relieved that’s the end of it,” explained Trevor, who took to hiding social media posts from friends who wouldn’t stop putting up articles about the civil war.

With Trevor single-handedly bringing about the end of the war, as far as he’s concerned, speculation is rife as to what he’ll set his sights on solving next.

“All that church business is too bloody depressing for me, so the less I know the better,” shared the selfless hero, adding he had not ruled out refusing to read about Direct Provision and a handful of other horrible realities.

If you would like to bring an end to the suffering endured by the people of Syria by removing it from your mind just like Trevor did, click HERE.