Santa To Take Jesus With Him For A Spin This Year


SANTA Claus won’t be on his own when he embarks on his annual trip around the world this year; the jolly old fat man has asked Jesus Christ to jump on board for the laugh, and maybe even bring the Easter Bunny and Batman along ‘for the hell of it’.

“It’ll shorten the road,” said Santa, sending out a Whatsapp group message to ‘the lads’.

“Come on, it’s 24 hours of driving and stopping, it’s fierce boring so it is. Jesus, I know it’s your birthday, but I promise I’ll have you home in time for your party”.

Although there are many grown adults in western civilisation who don’t believe in the existence of Santa Claus, the fact that he’s pairing up with the son of God for an epic festive road trip has led many to say ‘hey, maybe he is real after all’.

“I always thought Santa was very far-fetched, until he teamed up with a man who is his own father, who died and came back to life,” said one fully grown person we talked to.

“I hope they have a great night, it sounds like a laugh. Bring a few cans, make a night of it”.