Protesters Gather At Fraggle Rock Over Pipeline Fears


AS many as 5,000 Fraggles and Gorgs have gathered in protest today at Fraggle Rock over gas company plans to lay a pipeline through a system of natural caves, which if goes ahead, will displace half of the Fraggle community forever.

Natives of Fraggle Rock formed a Fraggle shield in a bid to prevent construction at the ancient site, which is to be carried out by Doozers, an anti-Fraggle race of construction workers, hell bent on industry and progress through the cave system.

“We’ve lived here in harmony for hundreds of years,” said Gobo Fraggle, leader of the Fraggle alliance group, “this pipeline they are laying isn’t even edible to us, unlike the Doozer sticks they usually create to make their buildings. We understand progress is needed to bring us into the 21st century here, but we are very worried about the dangers linked to natural gas flowing through our caves and homes”.

Standing in solidarity with the Fraggles are the Gorgs, who are fat furry humanoids that previously labelled the Fraggles as ‘pests’, until their land was also in jeopardy.

“As much as we don’t like the Fraggle community, we believe this Doozer pipeline is a real worry for everyone here,” Pa Gorg told WWN today, “we’re farmers that depend on agriculture and this new danger has brought our communities together to fight for what is rightfully ours. These Doozers need to stop construction immediately, or there will be trouble”.

So far a social media campaign has seen the support of over 145,000 silly creatures from outer space, tagging themselves at Fraggle Rock in a show of solidarity.

“It just makes us feel good that we’re doing something productive for the little guys,” silly creature and eccentric inventor Doc concluded.