4 People We’d Like To See Conor McGregor Fight Next


HISTORY maker Conor McGregor dispatched Eddie Alvarez is clinical fashion in a packed Madison Square Gardens last weekend, delighting MMA fans the world over.

However, the dust has barely settled on that fateful night and speculation is rampant about just who Notorious should fight next.

WWN is no different from any other UFC nuts, so we’ve drawn up a list of 4 contenders we’d like to see Conor in the octagon with.

1) Khabib Nurmagomedov


The unbeaten Russian has a ferocious ground game and unlike Alvarez, Khabib would certainly stick to his game plan and cause McGregor to pause for thought. Could Khabib be the only one to remain undented by McGregor’s pre-fight taunts? What would happen if Conor tried to grab that hat?

2) Ultan Varley


While it would be a major mismatch in terms of ability and fighting styles, Ultan would certainly present McGregor with the most punchable face he has ever faced. And the crowd would go wild for an all Irish fighter bout. And maybe when the bell rang for the first round Ultan would regret shifting Síofra Ní Chonghaile at Irish college after I explicitly said I saw her and fancied her first. Síofra even promised to keep in touch after the Gaeltacht, but that dickhead and his wandering eye put paid to that. We’d like to see this fight go the distance, but it would probably be over in a matter seconds, sadly.

3) Trevor Gorman


The dictionary definition of a massive prick, Gorman blindsided me when we were in 2nd year together during little break all because I shouted ‘your Ma’ at him or something. His swinging right hand came out of nowhere and knocked me clean out. The fucker deserves pay back, and Conor is the man to dish it out. And no, I didn’t piss my pants when I was unconscious, that’s just a rumour started by Fenner Donnelly. I didn’t fucking piss my pants, alright. I didn’t! He’s a prick and all that Donnelly, was supposed to be my friend. This contest would be particularly intriguing to those who want to see Gorman’s teeth scattered on the floor.

4) The Power Rangers robot, you know the bit where they all join together into one massive robot lad


McGregor’s superior reach helped him overcome Alvarez with ease, but how would he fair against a monstrously tall robot which towers over buildings? It would be a struggle to find a US arena that could house the bout, so it may be the open air environs of Croke Park. The final realisation of a long term dream held by McGregor. This is a match up we’d pay to see.