Sick Irish Fake News Sites Claiming The Good Times Are Back


A NUMBER of sick Irish fake news sites are set to get the chop under a new Facebook policy which will see a reduction in fabricated reports being shared on the social network.

Countless Irish sites face the axe as they peddle sickening lies about the Irish economy, with some going as far as to claim the ‘good times are back’ and that everyone is drowning in money again.

The drive to rid the internet of such dishonest drivel comes as more and more people are reportedly taken in by the sites’ outlandish claims.

“They push bizarre displays of opulent properties and lavish lifestyles, in a bid to hoodwink readers into believing this is what Ireland is like. If all you read was this crap, it would be understandable if you had no idea of what Irish society and the problems facing it actually were,” shared media analyst Brenda Fagan.

Wilfully ignoring things like facts, reports, studies and expert testimony, these disgusting sites instead latch onto fabricated stories about ‘a harmonious society’ that is encased in a bulletproof economy which will make everyone rich for centuries to come.

“Look at this one, it’s just dishonest isn’t it,” Fagan explained while pointing at site claiming to be ‘Ireland’s most trusted journalism’. “All I can see is a bunch of thinly veiled xenophobia and Christmas ads for expensive things”.

More disturbing is the news that Facebook’s bid to halt the progress of these publications on its site will only achieve so much, as many of the publications are being distributed in print form across the country.