World Shocked As Elon Musk Revealed To Be 38-Year-Old Con Woman Harriet Jones From Kent


IN what has been hailed as possibly the biggest con of our generation, police in the UK have confirmed the arrest of Harriet Jones, a con woman and mother of three from Kent, on fraud charges which date back almost 20 years.

Speaking from Scotland Yard HQ today, investigators have stated that Mrs. Jones was arrested at her £34mn estate in Kent, and have launched legal proceedings to confiscate her assets pending their investigation into the billionaire tech tycoon.

“Harriet didn’t make any attempt to resist arrest when we raided her home at 9am this morning,” arresting officer Mark Holden told WWN, “She confessed to everything almost immediately, and even asked us why it took us so long to figure her out. She admitted to living a double life for almost twenty years. We’re all still in shock to tell you the truth. She is quite the character”.

In fact the founder of SpaceX and co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla Motors outlined an incredible double life, claiming that she actually had no idea what she was doing and “just began dressing up as a man one day for the fun”, adding to police that it ended up consuming her life.

“What is strange is her success in the field of technological advances, including the design of the Tesla electric car,” Scotland Yard detective Jeremy Greene points out, “In the space of just a few years, Harriet managed to generate billions of dollars in wealth through various business ventures. She seemingly conned her way to the top by pretending to be as clever as a man, and thus defrauded her peers into paying her a man’s wage”.

Now a multi-billionaire, Mrs. Jones faces several serious charges of fraud, and may have to pay back millions of dollars in income.

“I don’t know what I’m more upset about; her fooling everyone into thinking she was a reputable business man, or the fact she continues to accept a man’s wage,” added the detective, “Hopefully justice will be served here, and that bastard will be put away for a very long time”.

Harriet Jones, aka Elon Musk, will be remanded in custody until her court hearing this Friday morning at 11am.

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