Terry’s Chocolate Orange To Come With Free Microscope


CONFECTIONARY company Terry’s has today launched version 34.7 of their infamous Chocolate Orange range.

To celebrate the much-loved orange-shaped ball of chocolate mixed with orange oil, manufacturer Mondelez International is kindly giving customers a free  40 X 1000 special edition microscope with every Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

“After researching years of customer feedback, we decided to include a microscope with every unit sold,” CEO Irene Rosenfeld told WWN this afternoon, “Hopefully fans of the Chocolate orange can enjoy our product more with this device, and we look forward to releasing even smaller versions of it in years to come”.

The move comes just days after the company announced it will be downsizing the bar from 175g to 157g.

“We found the original Chocolate Orange was far too big, weighing in at 3 stone 12 pounds when it was first launched in 1932,” Rosenfeld explains, “Due to the world obesity epidemic and our propensity for making large volumes of money, we had to downsize it over the years. Also, sugar tax may become a factor next year, so we could soon be selling it in Petri dishes; which is great considering that we’re giving customers free microscopes”.

Despite being 10% smaller, the kind hearted manufacturer vowed to keep the price of the Chocolate Orange the same, stating that it would be “wrong of us to increase the price, despite it being more compact and easier to hold”.