Local Man Had Trial For United But Got Injured


WATERFORD man Gary Begley has confirmed that he would have signed a 10 year contract worth €100 million with Manchester United only for an unlucky injury, WWN can reveal.

The 36-year-old was relaying the story for the 1,245th time, prompted to do so by encountering someone in his local pub he had never seen or spoken to before.

“Richard Dunne was marking me that game, yeah that Richard Dunne. Well I say marking me, I was running rings around him,” Begley explained, careful not to give away enough information to give substantial merit to his story.

Begley confirmed that Manchester United manager at the time, Alex Ferguson never went to these sorts of youth matches himself normally, but had turned up especially to watch the Waterford native.

“I was sort of an Ineista type player crossed with Ronaldo and Roy Keane, but before the footballing world had copped on to the fact that, that sort of player was truly special and unique, ya know,” Begley continued. “At half time Fergie said he wanted me and I could have a trial but he basically signed me on the spot”.

However, before the sales manager could sign the lucrative, one of a kind contract, he suffered an injury which would end his career.

“Ah Dunne got annoyed I was making a fool of him, I’d scored 7 goals, and he lashed out with a kick, he missed me completely, but in moving away from him I was struck down with a devastating stitch. I never recovered,” Begley explained, the full weight of the loss of a football career etched on his face.