GOT HIM! We Track Down The Man Who Caused All Your Insurance Premiums To Skyrocket


DID your car insurance premiums take an unexplained jump when you went to renew them this year? You may have thought that the rise in price was due to the reckless losses racked up by insurance companies playing the stock markets, but you’d be wrong. It was all the fault of one man, one man called Jimmy Greenan, and WWN tracked him down to his Waterford city home this morning to see what he had to say for himself.

Greenan, 35, fraudulently put the value of his 04 Citroen C4 down as €2,500 when he took out his premium last year, despite the market value of said car being €1,000 at best.

When his car was crashed earlier this year, Greenan was able to claim the full value that he had stated, minus a 700 euro excess and a loss of 12 years worth of no claims bonus.

By claiming 800 euro over what his insurance company should have paid him, Greenan caused a knock-on effect that lead to every policy in Ireland being hiked by 30-40%, despite the attempts of insurance providers to not take any more money from their customers than they absolutely had to.

“Mr. Greenan, how does it feel to have caused so much extra expense for everyone in Ireland” yelled our reporter after confronting Greenan as he left home.

“It was a mistake, I’m sorry!” called Greenan, running up the street while covering his face from our cameras.

“The car was €2,500 when I bought it! I forgot to adjust the price down to reflect the market value! I’m sorry!”.

Insurance providers have stated that they’ll do their best to lower premiums in coming years, but they can’t promise that there isn’t another Jimmy Greenan out there that will ruin it for everyone.