Cliffs Of Moher To ‘Take Some Time Out’ Following Burglary


STAFF, friends and family of the Cliffs of Moher were said to be still in a state of shock today following one of the country’s biggest heists on the popular Irish tourist spot.

Gardaí investigating the scene in Co Clare reported that up to €20,000 was stolen from the Cliffs, and that the money was going to be used for a nice holiday for the Cliffs, who were due to travel to South America next week.

“Their plans are messed up now,” exclaimed local resident, The Burren, who knows the cliffs personally, “They’ve been saving that money up all Summer. Now it looks like the poor Cliffs will have to stay put for the Winter season”.

It is understood the raiders approached the Cliffs in the early hours of Monday morning and stole the large sum of money at gunpoint, leaving the 200 metre cliffs in a state of shock and visibly shaken.

“I came into work and they were in an awful state,” recalls one staff member. “We called the Gardaí, but very little evidence was left behind. The poor Cliffs will not be working for the next couple of weeks as they are being treated for shock”.

Over one million people have visited the world famous tourist attraction in the last year, leaving investigating Gardaí to speculate that the Cliffs may have known their attacker.

“The thieves obviously knew the Cliffs routine and where they stashed their savings,” detective Tony Roche told WWN, “if anyone has any information regarding yesterday’s robbery, please contact Clare Gardaí”.

The Cliffs of Moher were not available for comment, but staff has confirmed they will be “taking some time out” following the incident.