Latest System Update Gives Clinton 3 More Human Expressions


THE latest system update for synthetic humanoid robot the Clinton 2016 has been well received in tech circles with praise being set aside for the new addition of 3 life like, almost human expressions.

The Clinton 2016, fondly referred to by its operators as Hillary Clinton, can now address humans and react to words, pictures and sounds with almost double the number of expressions that were contained in a previous update.

“Oh, we’re delighted, The Hillbot, can now express mild appreciation, stern joy and effortless awkwardness,” chief operator of the robot Robby Mook explained, “while humanoid robots are a relatively new technology, we firmly believe that if someone who had particularly poor eyesight saw this model they’d almost believe it was human”.

The robot, designed in America and assembled in a Chinese kindergarten, had previously had a software patch fitted which allowed it to quickly respond to questions and sycophantically agree with whatever opinion was expressed in order to become well liked by a human.

Not everyone is impressed with the latest update however, as many people report feeling ill at ease with seeing a robot attempt to take on human characteristics, becoming nauseous at the sight.

“I just don’t trust it, it’s a bit uncanny valley for me. And worst of all, you get the weird feeling it doesn’t even know it’s a robot,” shared tech sceptic and Florida native Will Orphen.