Refugee Overload As 38th Syrian Is Granted Asylum In Ireland


THE refugee crisis in Ireland has reportedly reached worrying new heights this week with yet another Syrian migrant added to our already saturated nation.

So far this year, a staggering 38 Syrian refugees have been processed under the EU relocation scheme, making it almost impossible for Irish people living here to remain tight-lipped about the dangerous influx of asylum seekers.

“Where are we supposed to put this latest addition?” asked local man Pat Daly, who went to Turkey once and didn’t like the food. “There is barely room to breath in Ireland as it is, and now the government are adopting another one!”

Right wing protesters gathered at Dublin airport this morning to jeer the latest addition, which turned out to be a 9-year-old girl from Aleppo, who managed to make it to Greece after losing her parents in an airstrike in the Syrian city.

“What’s worrying is there has been no background checks on this girl,” explains protester and full-time racist Mark Kavanagh. “She could be an ISIS sympathiser for all we know. Who’s checking all these 38 people coming in? That’s a whole container load. Ireland is flooded with them now, and there’s no turning back unless we do something about it”.

Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald had previously committed to accepting 2,622 refugees last year, but thankfully realised this target was absolutely ludicrous and unbefitting of a sovereign nation with centuries of its own immigration issues.