Local Pub ‘Very Cliquey’


A COUNTY Waterford bar has come under fire this evening after it was revealed that it is ‘very cliquey’, and that most people with any cop on ‘wouldn’t be found dead in the place’ if given the chance.

Jackson’s Inn, which was first established in 1883, refused to comment on the recent branding, escalating rumours that everyone in the place was too good to be seen talking to anyone else.

“Bunch of cliquey bastards is all they are,” insisted one man we asked outside rival pub, O’Loughran’s, across the street. “They all live in each other’s pockets over there. I wouldn’t like that craic now at’all. All I want is a nice quiet pint with people I know, without having to deal with strangers hovering around the place,” before adding, “I hate that cliquey stuff; it drives me mad”.

It is understood that Jackson’s Inn was ‘grand’ when previous publican Dermot Holden ran it, but that it ‘went to the dogs’ when the new, younger owner acquired the premises in 2008.

“The Guinness was great in there when Dermo ran it,” barked fellow O’Loughran’s punter Jason Shields, “The minute the new lad took over he started watering down the pints. I heard a few lads complaining they got a bad pint in there. They also charge for dashes”.

WWN was unable to speak to any regular from Jackson’s Inn, as they were probably too busy being up their own holes.