Homeless Shelter To Put Man Down If No Home Found


“THIS is Paddy, we found him on the street last week,” said Una Melligher, who runs one of Dublin’s biggest stray human shelters.

“He was in a bad state, so we took him in, cleaned him up as best we could, fed him a bit… but that’s about all we can do. If we don’t find a home for him…”

Una takes us around the corner, where the 43-year-old Paddy can’t see us, and silently makes an ‘injection into the neck, conk over’ gesture.

WWN continues our tour of the facility, where every day dozens of abandoned human beings are brought. With no system in place to find homes for these people, most face a grim future. But as Una explains to us, it’s better than the alternative.

“What else would you have us do, just let them go back to living on the streets where nobody cares about them? Where the government are content to let them starve to death? What sort of society would we be if we let something so cruel happen? It’s far more humane to just put them down. Some people get up in arms when we say things like that, but it’s not like anyone is working hard on a better solution”.

We look back down the line of cubicles at Paddy, who seems to be happy with being inside, fed and watered. As we leave later in the day, we see him being lifted lifelessly by his arms and legs, before being dumped into a wheelie bin.

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