Dublin Settles On Pronunciation Of Dorset Street


THE debate as to the correct pronunciation of one of Dublin city’s most well-known streets has finally come to a close, after a linguistics team hired by the city council confirmed that Dorset Street is to be pronounced as ‘Dorset Street’ from now on.

This announcement follows years of contention from thousands of people across the city, with many pronouncing the area as ‘Dorset Street’, while other pronouncing it as ‘Dorset Street’.

“It’s fuckin’ Dorset Street, right? When you say ‘Dorset Street’, you sound like an idiot,” said one vocal campaigner on the “Dorset Street” side of the fence.

“It’s really very simple; look at the spelling of it. D-O-R-S-E-T Street. That’s Dorset Street. Not ‘Dorset Street’. Fuck sake, like”.

Although it was tough to reach a place where both the ‘Dorset Street’ and ‘Dorset Street’ camps could agree, the invention of a new, third way to pronounce the street name was seen as the best possible outcome, thus leading to the creation of ‘Dorset Street’; the new title for the area.

“It’ll take a while to get used to it… ‘Dorset Street’. It just sounds odd,” said one Dubliner we spoke to.

“But if it delays the onset of all-out war, saves lives and pleases the elder Gods, then I’m all for it”.

Dublin City corporation have launched a €4million scheme to replace all older signage in the area, making sure that the new signs say ‘Dorset Street’ and not ‘Dorset Street’.