Soldiers Of Odin Group Stage Protest Against Tropical Fish At Galway Aquarium


THE GALWAY branch of the anti-Islamic group Soldiers of Odin have taken to an aquarium outside the city today to protest ‘tropical fish’, stating they will keep patrolling the tank for as long as it takes.

The gang, dressed in black hoodies and crusty combats made in Indian sweatshops, stared at the aquarium in an intimidating manner for several hours, while making rude gestures and nasty comments at the passing fish.

“Get out of here you big coloured twat,” one brave soldier of Odin barked, sending one fish swimming the other way in fear, “That’s right! Fuck back to Syria and swim in your own sea, where you belong”.

Following a series of complaints from staff at the aquarium, the anti-Islamic group was forced to move on by Gardai.

“They spent about three hours intimidating the fish,” one staff member told WWN, “We wouldn’t mind, but the fish can’t even see them from inside the tank, and they’re not even tropical fish, they’re all from Irish waters”.

In a statement released by Odin’s Irish leader, Samuel So­go Obadia, who is also a foreign national, the group vowed to keep patrolling Irish streets and aquariums until the ‘Islamic menace is forced out’.

“The Soldiers of Odin will stare Islam out of Ireland if it’s the last thing we do,” Sua­go Obadia’s statement reads, “If anyone wishes to join us, please visit our Soldiers of Odin Facebook page, where you can buy Soldiers of Odin merchandise for as little as €19:99 for a hoodie, and €12:99 for a special pair of extra dark sunglasses that will stop people seeing the shame in your eyes,” adding, “We are also available for weddings and kids parties”.