Bray Air Show Gives Thousands The Death-Defying Experience Of Dart To Bray


THERE was excitement, danger and the ever-present threat of something going seriously wrong as thousands of spectators made the perilous Dart journey to Bray to see an air show at the weekend.

The two-day event saw up to 100,000 people make the thrilling trip from Dublin to Wicklow, with the aerial acrobatics of 14 display teams paling in comparison to the death-defying prospect of getting on a packed Dart during the weekend.

Families travelling with kids as young as zero were treated to a spectacular array of drunks, arguments, young ones and fights as crammed carriages rolled into the seaside resort every 15 minutes, with many taking to social media to describe the sights before them.

“Just saw three Polish security guards kick the shit out of a gang of like, 20 young lads,” tweeted one man who made the trip from Pearse station to Bray.

“I’d always heard the Dart to Bray was an experience you’d never forget, and it lived up to the hype. Unbelievable”.

The warm weather at the weekend lent itself perfectly to the Dart trip home from the air show, as everyone had a few drinks in the sun and were in the perfect mood on the way home to ask strangers ‘what the fuck they thought they were looking at’.