HSE Staff Take To Selling Drugs In Order To Fund Ambulance Services


AN investigation has been launched into a disturbing incident which allegedly saw some National Ambulance Service staff take to selling illegal substances in order to secure the necessary funding to keep Ireland’s decrepit ambulance services ticking over.

Hit by years of cuts, and little desire from successive health ministers to ensure the necessary equipment and standards were maintained on frontline services, has apparently led to some workers taking to funding the broken service themselves.

“Transporting or selling a few kilos of coke every day gets us the sort of money needed to upgrade and maintain the vehicles so they don’t breakdown while transporting someone in need of serious medical attention,” an insider explained to WWN from the back of a horse and cart, which is currently being used in place of an ambulance.

A number of staff members have been suspended after a large quantity of illegal drugs were found in an ambulance. Also found in the ambulance were 4 bald tyres, an overheated engine, an understaffed crew pushed to breaking point and a vehicle that could kill anyone at any given moment.

“Management are using still using rapid response vehicles as company cars, keeping them at home on the weekends, so either we fill the gaps left by funding new vehicles or we just let people die, so I say fair play to those lads,” another insider explained, sick of lives being endangered.

A garda investigation has been launched into the drug find. An investigation into how the government is allowed to gut services, putting lives at risk is not expected any time soon.