WWN Guide To Reinventing Yourself


DO you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, or are you unhappy with the fact you never really take a risk? Perhaps you’re just acutely aware of what a boring shite you may be and would love to find the magic formula to unlock your new vibrant self. Well, the answer may lie in a root and branch reinvention of self!

Gone are your old fashion choices and predictable ways of thinking, you can reinvent yourself with WWN’s help and in the process become the hot topic of conversation among friends, coworkers and confused family members.

Don’t know where to start? Of course you don’t, that’s why you’re here you terrible excuse for an adult human being. Now read on to begin your transformation:

1) Get one of those haircuts, ah, you know the ones. Yup, that’s the one. Now, we know you’ll want to play it safe, and you’ll likely be shitting yourself when it comes to asking the hairdresser or barber for that haircut, but we believe in you. Now that you’ve got a shit haircut, you’re well on your way to reinvention.

2) Effortlessly introduce a nickname for yourself. The hallmark of shedding your old self can come in the form of renaming yourself. Do it on your own terms, however, and pick the name you think will suit the new, swashbuckling, sexy and magnificent you. Confidence is key when telling people your new nickname, so just effortlessly drop it into conversation eg. “Oh, yeah, it’s funny you should mention that, whatever it was you were talking about until I found a way to jump into the conversation. Someone was saying the other day to me ‘you look like a Big Dog’, they’re right aren’t they? Maybe you should start calling me that from now on”.

3) Put some research into having a new opinion on something that’s in the news. Going against the grain when it comes to sport, culture or politics can really help you to define the new you as you secure a strong reinvention. But the question for you is do you want to go to Defcon level 99 on this one with a ‘I think ISIS are misunderstood’ or a more softly softly approach like ‘I am not as taken with Jennifer Lawrence as everyone else seems to be, but that’s just my opinion’.

4) Start buying clothes that you don’t like, and that make you feel self-conscious. A top hat and hot pants? Welcome to the new you.

5) Repeat all previous 4 steps until you get it right. Reinventing yourself isn’t for the faint hearted and you may have to keep doing until people take notice.