Further Plagiarism Accusations As Donald Trump Delivers Similar Speech To KKK Leader


STILL reeling from accusations that potential First Lady of the United States Melania Trump copied large segments of a speech given by Michelle Obama in 2008 for a Republican convention earlier this week, the Trump campaign hit another obstacle today when it emerged that a speech given by Republican nominee Donald bears uncanny similarities to one given by a white supremacist leader earlier this year.

The speech, in which Trump gave his honest opinions about what should be done with Mexicans and Muslims, seems to be a word-for-word replication of one given by Mitch McKirken at a Klu Klux Klan rally in Alabama in June.

Although phrases such as “coming over here” and “we need to protect America from these people” seem to have been copied verbatim, a scriptwriter for Trump has come forward and accepted all blame for the similarities.

“Donald showed me a bunch of speeches that he liked the tone of, and asked me to write one that was similar in nature,” said scriptwriter Gene Hauley.

“And one of the speeches was Mr. McKirken’s ‘fuckin immigrants’ speech from the Alabama chapter of the Klan’s TED talk earlier this year. So some similarities may exist between the two. But honestly, these opinions have been around for hundreds of years, and have been used in thousands of speeches at rallies, meetings and lynchings”.

Meanwhile in the Democrat camp, Hillary Clinton continues to rob whole passages from Barack Obama’s speeches about hope and change, without anyone calling her on her bullshit.