Deliveroo Draw Line At Picking You Up “An Ounce Of Green”


“LOOK lads, you’re either committed to this home delivery craic or you’re not”, said yet another disappointed Deliveroo customer, slamming his laptop shut.

WWN has met several similarly disgruntled folk in the past week, as more and more people discover that while Deliveroo will gladly swing by Nando’s and pick you up a butterfly chicken, they draw the line at going round to your local dealer and picking you up a ninebar.

“‘It’s not company policy’. That’s some bullshit if ever I heard it,” said one unhappy stoner we spoke to.

“They’ll deliver wines and beers to your house, but no smoke? Ah here. Everyone knows the dream is to get a McDonalds delivered to your gaff, but it turns into a nightmare when you realise you then have to get up and get the bus to your mates house to buy a ten spot off him”.

Deliveroo stated that they may amend their policy at a later date, adding that there’s only so much their delivery staff can carry in those massive square boxes they lug around all day.