Couple Actually Looking Forward To Watching The Late Late Show Need To Get A Life



LOCAL couple Sean and Margaret Hanley are to spend some time attempting to get a fucking hold of themselves, after admitting that they’re looking forward to the return of The Late Late Show.

The Hanley’s both in their late twenties, took a moment to take stock of their lives after engaging in a conversation about how “you’d miss” the Late Late, currently on it’s Summer break.

Both Sean and Margaret admitted to missing the Ryan Tubridy-hosted chat show, adding that they’re “not sure what to do with themselves” on Friday nights since the show went off the air at the end of the last season.

The Dungarvan duo will now enter an intense rehabilitation program aimed at helping them take a long hard look at themselves.

“We’re not even talking about watching it to slag it on Twitter, they actually like the thing, ” said Dr. Ken Harton, spokesperson for the Shite Show Rehabilitation Center.

“They look forward to watching all three hours of it. So we’ll try and help them realise that they’re only 28 and 29, they’re not dead yet, and most importantly, there’s any amount of TV shows they can watch instead of the Late Late. Such as anything else, or static”.

The Late Late returns in September, hopefully after the world has been nuked by North Korea.

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