Fire Fighters Bring Blaze In Conor McGregor’s Pants Under Control


THREE units of the Los Angeles fire department were mobilised today to battle a raging inferno UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor’s pants today, successfully bringing the blaze under control at around 5pm local time.

McGregor’s pants have been under threat of combustion since he announced his retirement from the mixed martial art sport earlier this week, only to rescind this retirement the next day.

Following his announcement that he was back on the UFC 200 card to face Nate Diaz, despite UFC chief Dana White’s insistence that the fight was off, “the Notorious” McGregor began to emit smoke from under his waistline, before his pants caught fire completely.

“He said ‘I am Conor McGregor, yeah, and I am on fire, yeah'” said one horrified onlooker “I thought: ‘that’s just McGregor being McGregor’. But no, he was on fire”.

“I think it was just one fib too many, then whoosh: up went his pants. Ruined a lovely suit, so it did. Lucky for him, the fire department doused him in water until he said ‘I am Conor McGregor, yeah, and I am all wet yeah?'”.

Following the incident, McGregor stated that he would “definitely defeat Diaz” when they meet again in the octagon, at which point his pants went up again for a second time.