Hatchback Driver Swings Car Right Before Turning Left, For Some Reason


A NISSAN Micra owner has confused fellow motorists today by swinging his car right in a bid to turn left, for some unknown reason.

“He cut across into my lane, so I had to swerve to avoid him,” motorist and eyewitness Tony Reynolds recalled. “It was such a strange thing to do, and he nearly took the front left panel of my car with him”.

It is believed the elderly motorist may have decided last minute to change lanes, before then changing back and turning left like he originally intended.

“Like, why on earth would someone driving such a small car, swerve in front of traffic in the other lane, especially when they’re going in opposite directions?” pointed out another motorist, who was behind the 1 litre engine Nissan Micra. “It just doesn’t make sense”.

An expert in driving behaviour investigating the incident, believes the motorist in question may have been experiencing something known as ‘bus delusions’, a relatively unheard of driving phenomenon which forces motorists into thinking that they’re driving a large bus or truck.

“We have found that a quick beep or roar from fellow drivers can correct bus delusions,” said the expert. “But this can be just a temporary fix as we have found that bus delusions are usually buried deep in the driver’s psyche” adding ” It’s a sort of ‘small car syndrome'”.