NASA Drafted In To Help Waterford Mother Find Where All The Time Goes


A CRACK team of NASA scientists have today been enlisted by the Irish government to help Waterford mother, Theresa Hartigan, finally get to the bottom of where all the time goes.

The elusive nature of time has haunted the 62-year-old mother of 17 for much of her adult life, which has seen her devoting large chunks of conversations to speculating its whereabouts.

“This has been going on for years,” Theresa told WWN shortly after learning the government had appealed to NASA for help. “One minute I’m chatting away to someone, and the next thing I’m an hour or two in the future. I’d love to know where it all goes”.

“Jesus! It’s after happening again! I have to go make the dinner” she then added, rushing back into her home.

NASA scientists are expected to run countless tests and experiments on Theresa when they jet into Waterford later this week.

“We will check for a propensity to prattle on incessantly about idle gossip and also test for the presence of dithering. We feel this may be at the root of the rip in Theresa’s space/time continuum,” head of the NASA research team Kent Bent told WWN.