GREAT NEWS! The Molly Malone Statue Is Getting A Statue Of Its Own


DUBLIN city council has announced the construction of a brand new statue for the city, a statue of the Molly Malone statue, at a modest cost to the taxpayer of €6 million euro.

“We just felt the need to acknowledge the mark Molly’s statue has made throughout the years, and there is no better way to do that than by erecting another statue,” confirmed Dublin council official Angus Farrell.

Many members of the public have voiced their objections to the construction, but Farrell shot back sharply at any criticism.

“Some people have said this is a return to the Celtic Tiger, and that is utter nonsense. If that was the case we would have commissioned 8 or 9 statues honouring Molly, and we haven’t done so. We’ve learned from our mistakes,” Farrell passionately defended.

Local artist Eamon Farrell and brother of Angus has been chosen by a panel of judges made up of Angus to come up with the statue which should be ready sometime in the middle of 2025.

“For too long Dublin and Ireland has struggled to celebrate the achievements of its women, but no more,” explained Eamon to WWN in his workshop, “honouring a statue of a fictional woman with another, second statue, is a huge leap forward for us as a Nation and I’m delighted to be the one entrusted with this honour. Ideas are at an early stage, but there will be heavily focus on those breasts,” Eamon revealed.