Incredible Russian Dash Cam Shows Nobody Crashing Into Anything


AMAZING footage posted online today shows the incredible moment when a Russian driver managed to commute across Moscow without any incident whatsoever.

Shot by a dashboard-mounted camera, the 35-minute video follows Mikhail Adulov as he drove from his home to his job as an IT consultant in an office in downtown Moscow.

In what is being called a ‘world’s first’ Adulov’s camera fails to record anything of note as he traversed the city, with not a single instance of crazy Russian motorist behaviour in the footage.

Until now, it was believed that every journey undertook in Russia had to involve some form of high-speed collision, near-death miss, bizarre occurrence involving an animal, or a fight on the side of the highway between road users.

The new footage caused consternation for online content aggregation sites, who were left with nothing to post about for nearly an hour.

“We depend on Russian dash-cams to supply 79% of our content,” said Wille O’Malley, chief of content at

“If they dry up, we could be in serious trouble. I’m glad that Mr. Adulov made it safely to work, but if he could put a motorcyclist across the bonnet of his car at an intersection next time, we’d really appreciate it”.

O’Malley went on to stress that nobody had to be injured in the dash-cam footage, but it just needs to be something that he could write a clickable post about.

“Two kids riding on the back of a cow at the side of the road, anything at all”, he pleaded.