SURVIVIAL GUIDE: How To Respond To Your Girlfriend When She Asks ‘How Do I Look?’


RELATIONSHIPS with women are perilous things, and are riddled with pitfalls that can see your perfectly happy day descend into an absolute nightmare.

Foremost of these is one simple question; “How do I look?”. If your wife or girlfriend asks you this question, you could be one sentence away from a week of sulking. Avoid this hardship by following our simple survival guide…

1) She looks lovely

Regardless of what the circumstance is, regardless of what facet of her appearance she is inquiring about; she looks lovely.

Everyone likes to hear that they look nice, and if your girlfriend is asking for your opinion, it’s because she has doubts about her appearance, so why would you offer anything other than support? Besides, who are you to criticise her fashion? Are you Gok Wan? Just keep it simple:

How does her hair look? It looks lovely.

How do these earrings look? They look lovely.

How does this dress look? It looks like a lovely dress.

In the situation where your partner is asking about her appearance, she is Kim Jong Un and you are a North Korean peasant. Your partner is the best looking woman on the planet and anything she has done is good. All hail your partner. Long may her beauty continue to shine a light on your life.

2) There is no 2. That’s all.