Islamic Photobomber Arrested In London


SCOTLAND Yard have today confirmed the arrest of notorious Islamic photobomber Ahmed Lababidi at his home in an east London suburb this morning following a 16-month investigation involving MI5, Interpol and the FBI.

The joint operation swooped on Lababidi’s 3 bedroom town house that is probably being paid for by the British taxpayer at 6am, after a tip off from a local shop owner who recognised him from a Facebook photo he took of his wife last year.

“The moment I saw his face on the paper I recognised him as the guy who ruined my photo,” John Mathews told the Guardian online. “I had taken a beautiful picture of my wife, but when I uploaded it to Facebook, I noticed someone was behind her right shoulder making a really silly face. It was unnerving to know someone could just ruin a photograph like that without any regard for their victims”.

Scotland Yard detectives seized a total of 12,000 photobombs at Lababidi’s home, many of which were taken at key position points around London city centre.

“Several photobombs were taken on the tube at rush hour,” said a Scotland Yard spokesman today, who was leading the investigation into the sleeper cell. “There was even one taken beside a couple outside Buckingham Palace who were unaware that they were being photobombed at the time. God only knows how many people have been targeted”.

It is estimated that there are over 500 Islamic photobombers currently operating in London, with many of them willing to attack personal photographs at any time. Police are asking anyone who thinks they may have been photobombed to contact them immediately with their pictures.