Explosion Reported In Kay Burley’s Pants


REPORTS are coming in regarding what is being described as a sizeable explosion in the downstairs region of Sky News anchor Kay Burley this morning.

The blast, described by eye-witnesses as a “sudden, gushing burst”, occurred around breakfast time this morning, as Burley was sitting at her desk in Sky News headquarters.

It is believed Burley had been checking the incoming news at the time, when suddenly she stood up and cheered. The office was then rocked by a deafening sound, with many claiming that Burley’s clothing “just evaporated from the waist down”.

Footage from the aftermath of the explosion shows the offices of Sky News in complete disarray, with journalists and staff running around while Burley continues to high-five everyone.

“I was sitting at my desk and the next minute, I was knocked to the ground by a shockwave,” said one intern.

“Ms. Burley yelled something seconds before the blast. It might have been Arabic, I’m not sure. She was delighted though. Staff say they haven’t seen an explosion in her pants since the Bataclan attacks”.

Breaking: Sky News staff have been placed on red alert, amid reports of a second blast in Burley’s underpants. More as we get it.