Controversy As Cheltenham’s First Ever Knob Jockey Race Gets Underway


ORGANISERS at Cheltenham have come under fire today for allowing the world’s first ever Knob Jockey race to go ahead at 12:30pm this afternoon, despite ongoing opposition from trainers and punters alike.

Over 20 self-confessed ‘knob jockeys’ took part in the 3-mile handicap hurdle, which was greeted with loud jeering and boos from the Cheltenham crowd.

“It’s a disgrace to the sport,” one reveller told RTÉ commentator Tracey Piggott earlier. “They’re making a mockery of the whole sport by allowing such vile people to take part in such a horrific display”.

The mixed gender event, which featured several flamboyant looking horses and riders, was won by the favourite Cock n’ Balls, who ran away with the race in the final stretch, winning by 12 furlongs.

However, a steward’s inquiry was called after some trainers complained the Knob Jockey was using the dildo too much on the Horse.

“Instead of whips, they have dildos, obviously,” explained race organiser Terence Phelan. “This disturbed many spectators, so there was bound to be opposition to the whole race. The fact that many riders opted to put their dildos upright on their saddles didn’t help matters either” adding. “These are just teething problems and people just need to move with the times”.

Despite the torrent of abuse, winning knob jockey Danny Williams celebrated in style in the winners inclosure by spraying everyone with a specially designed penis shaped champagne bottle, that was created especially for the event.