Anger Building Towards Learner Driver Who Won’t Speed Or Run Red Lights


THERE has been growing frustration and anger at a learner driver on the N2 this afternoon, who had driven from Ashbourne to Ardee without breaking the speed limit once, while also managing to avoid running any red lights or stop signs.

“I’ve been stuck behind this prick for half an hour, can they not put the fucking boot down?” said one exasperated motorist we interviewed. “The speed van wasn’t even out on the road, but still this lad is sticking to the speed limit. Not only that, he stopped on Slane Hill when the light was turning from amber to red. That’s not a stop sign, that’s a sign to bury the boot!

“These lads should be kept off the road until they learn this kind of thing”. he added.

Learner drivers are frequently castigated for their adherence to the rules and regulations of road usage, which can irritate long-time drivers who operate by a different set of rules which involve driving as fast as you feel like and only showing the barest amounts of caution possible at intersections.

WWN later caught up with the novice driver, who was completely unaware of any wrongdoing.

“I was only obeying what it says in the rule book,” said 25-year-old Simon Canning, who started motoring in January.

“I’m still getting used to how to drive on Irish roads. So you’re telling me that speed limits are only there for guidance, stop signs mean you should at best yield, and that you should overtake whenever you feel like, regardless of the lines in the middle of the road? I thought I was being careful, but now I know I was just pissing people off. I’ll try to do better in future”.

The incident has led to calls for an overhaul of the Irish licensing system, with many complaining that new motorists spend too long driving “correctly”, before learning how to drive “properly”.