Moody’s Downgrade Ireland’s Craic From “Mighty” To “Just Alright”


RATINGS agency Moody’s have released their craic statistics for 2015, and it’s not good news for Ireland; our fabled “mighty” rating has been downgraded to “just alright”, following years of economic turmoil and suboptimal buzz.

Ireland had long battled to retain its reputation as being “mighty craic”, and even saw its stock soar to the levels of being “mighty craic altogether” during the height of the boom.

However, the latest figures show that the country has fallen two whole craic points in the last 18 months, bypassing “some craic altogether” and plummeting all the way down to “just alright”.

“It’s unacceptable for Ireland to be ‘just alright craic’. England is just alright craic, for fuck’s sake,” said Tomas O’Riordain, minister for the craic.

“Our entire international persona hinges on us being the mightiest craic there is. If people want just alright craic, they go to Rome, or Barcelona or somewhere like that. Ireland is mighty craic, and it’s not just Ireland; areas around the world that are dense in Irish ex-pats will also feel the effects of this downgrade. Boston is now just alright craic. So is Perth. This is not on”.

Efforts are being made to ensure a return to mighty craic next year, with several initiatives such as the easing of off-license opening hours restrictions, and the re-instatement of Arthur’s Day top of the list.