Commuter Settles On Electoral Candidate After Seeing 783rd Identical Poster


A PREVIOUSLY undecided voter has settled on his candidate of choice for the forthcoming general election, after driving past the 783rd consecutive poster on his way to work.

Marcus Harkin, currently living in the Dublin South West constituency, hadn’t previously shown any intention to vote for his local Labour candidate Fergus Mullally until this morning’s commute. Mullally’s cheerful poster and inspiring “Vote for Fergus Mullally” slogan finally convinced Harkin that this candidate was the man to hold one of the top positions in the country.

Experts believe that what Mr. Harkin experienced today was the “election poster effect”, which candidates around the country rely on to sway undecided voters. Statistics are unclear as to exactly how many posters are needed to break through to the public, but it seems anything in the high hundreds is off to a good start.

“Cllr. Mullally had two posters on every lamppost for three miles straight. The first 782 posters, I passed no remarks on them,” said Harkin, speaking exclusively to WWN. “But when I saw the 783rd, that’s when it hit me – yeah, “vote for Mullally”… that has a real nice ring to it. So I’m going to vote for him at the end of the month, I don’t need to see his policies or his road-fixing track record, he’s got the most posters and that’s what really matters”.

The news has spurned politicians in the area to renew their efforts to erect thousands more posters over the next fortnight, while well-meaning candidates who are probably ideal for office, but can only afford a hundred posters or so have been advised to stop wasting their time.