Man Asks Wife If They’re “Doing Valentine’s Day” This Year


A WATERFORD man has today taken the risky step of asking his wife if they’re “doing Valentine’s Day” this year, having seemingly forgotten the hassle that was caused by a similar statement last year.

Sean Lenihan, 37, made the enquiry this morning after realising that the 14th of February was a lot closer than he thought it was.

After informing his wife Maria, 35, he then expressed how the whole thing was “very commercial” before asking if they were going to bother doing anything to mark the holiday.

“I’m of the opinion that married people are exempt from all that Valentine’s craic” said Sean, while eating toast.

“It’s really just for couples during the first year or so. So every year I like to head it off at the pass, by asking herself if we’re doing anything, getting cards or a meal or whatever. Just putting the ball in her court, so that she has final say on it. But I always make sure to say it in a really dismissive way, you know? Like, “We’re not doing Valentine’s Day this year, are we…?”. Just so that she knows my feelings on the whole subject”.

Having been married to Sean for 12 years and having face this question for 11 of those, Maria was quite prepared to give her husband the “ah no we’ll not bother” answer she knew he wanted.