Soccer Fans Urge Leicester City Not To Fuck This Up


AFTER a superb dismantling of uber-rich super club Manchester City, soccer fans around the world have urged Leicester City not to fuck this up.

With only a host of clubs in Europe regularly competing for all the major trophies, Leicester’s unlikely journey to the summit of the Premier League has enlivened the interest of all neutral fans and non-fans of clubs like Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal and Chelsea alike.

“Christ, I think they might do this, all they have to do now is not fuck it up,” explained a bewildered and impressed soccer fan Alvin Kilgallon, shortly after the final whistle sounded at the Etihad stadium on Saturday.

With the sport of soccer becoming increasingly hard to enjoy, thanks to the influx of money, more corruption and the diving activities of 99% of professionals, Leicester’s title challenge has made even the most weary and cynical fan dare to dream of the impossible.

“I can’t remember the last time I cared this much about football, they better not fuck this up for me,” cautioned occasional fan of Newcastle Chris McCarthy.

Leicester now sit on the top of the table, 5 points clear of both Arsenal and Tottenham, leading to a rare unity among normally partisan fans of the game.

“Holy shit, they’re going to do it, they’re really going to fucking do this,” enthused Liverpool fan Conor Young to his rival, Everton fan Eoin Collins, while high fiving him.